How we treat our skin reflects how we treat ourselves. Using skin care products and having the knowledge of how to use them can help prevent common skin care issues and premature signs of aging. Skin care with quality ingredients helps to promote healthy skin whereas poor ingredients can cause breakouts and long-term damage. Here are 5 reasons why skin care is important.

1) You need a good skin care routine to achieve a flawless makeup look

A makeup routine is a must for most women (and some men), but surprisingly most people don’t realise the importance of investing in good skin care to prep for your makeup. As well as using toners and primers, moisturising your skin with an infused oil will help you achieve a flawless look.

2)  You can look as young as you feel by treating your skin with care and love

Moisturising your skin has proven to help reduce wrinkles especially if you start young. Ingredients like pomegranate and real gold (yes, you read right! REAL gold) have been confirmed to prevent the skin from ageing. Lucky for you, you can purchase a moisturising oil that contains real gold flakes as well as other nourishing ingredients. Click here to find out more.

Skin Care is important3)  Protect your skin from the harshness of the environment

From extreme weather conditions to the pollution in the air, our skin is exposed daily to harsh and damaging environmental agitators. Moisturising your skin creates a barrier between your skin and the environment, which protects your skin. Choose good quality moisturisers that help nourish your skin as well as protect it.

4) Your skin is the largest organ in your body

A healthy complexion mirrors a healthy body and lifestyle. Having a skin care routine is just as important as eating well, drinking water and taking vitamins.

5)  Your skin sheds daily

Every day your skin sheds itself to reveal new skin. Moisturising once in a blue moon has no long-term value, so regularly maintaining a good skin care routine will help to rejuvenate and nourish your skin cells.

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