Bamboo Cleansing Oil 150ml

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Bamboo Cleansing Oil  (includes x2 100% Egyptian Cotton Face Cloths)

Complete with a pump and flat cap. Use the pump for a lighter scrub and the cap for a deep cleanse.

This luxurious oil exfoliator is made from 100% natural plant oils and bamboo is the ‘Porsche’ of all exfoliants! It will help to clear away dead skin cells, clear out pores and promote healthy, glowing skin.

What is the oil cleansing method? (OCM)

The basic idea of oil cleansing is to use natural oils in specific combination to cleanse the skin and naturally balance the skin’s natural oils. This produces much more nourished and moisturized skin that traditional soap based facial cleaners.

Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” .By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit that heal, protect and nourish your skin. When done properly and consistently, the OCM can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne–while leaving your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized.


Apricot kernel oil is rich in Vitamin K, which is known to reduce dark circles. It also contains vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids that together with Vitamin K, nourish skin deeply, allowing the nutrients to penetrate the surface of your skin and reaching the blood cells.

Jojoba Oil. Our sebaceous glands are microscopic glands in our skin that secrete an oily or waxy matter called sebum. The texture and use of sebum is very similar to jojoba oil. A jojoba oil benefit is that it plays the role of sebum and moisturises our skin and hair when our body stops doing it naturally. Jojoba oil removes sticky buildup or excess oil, too; it keeps your oil levels balanced.

Grapeseed oil is non-comedogenic which means it doesn’t clog pores. It is known to treat acne, tighten skin, help diminish dark circles around the eyes, moisturize, reduce scars, restore collagen and fight ageing.

Bamboo Exfoliating Beads. Microdermabrasion is a hot trend in the beauty industry and using this microdermabrasion-grade exfoliant is a safe and gentle way to effectively exfoliate the surface layer of the skin to reveal renewed, refreshed and younger-looking skin.

Directions of use

Step 1-  Shake the bottle well to activate the bamboo exfoliating beads.

Step 2- Squeeze out 4-5 drops into your palms and massage all over your face avoiding the eye area. If required add some warm water.

Step 3- Take a clean flannel and soak in hand hot water and wring out. Place the flannel over your face and let your skin take in the steam.

Step 4- Begin to gently rub away the oil. Repeat until all oil is wiped away. Splash your face with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Step 5- Follow with Elixir by Saarah 24k Gold oil.

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Ingredients Peppermint and Orange

Helianthus Annuus oil, Prunus Armeniaca oil, Simmondsia oil, Vitis Vinifera oil, Tocopherol, Citrus Aurantifolia oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis oil, Mentha Piperita oil,  Bambusa Arundinacea Limonene, Citronellol, Linalool, Citral

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