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Dermaplaning Balm 120ml

Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin then use a professional dermaplaning tool to remove peach fuzz and dead skin. Light fresh scent. Reduces irritation and moisturises all skin types. Can be used for face massage.

Dermaplaning Enzyme Scrub 60ml

Spread evenly on damp face. Massage in circular movements and leave on the skin for up to 6 minutes then wash off.

Gentle yet effective exfoliation. Enzymes in its formula slough off dead skin cells, eliminating flaking and smoothing out skin texture.


– suitable for all skin types
– formulated with Rice and Papaya enzymes;
– smoothes the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells;
– accelerates cellular renewal and skin regeneration;
– makes the skin velvety-smooth and soft to the touch;
– provides an antioxidant effect, combating free radicals;
– activates blood circulation and lymph flow;

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